Why Big Figure So Eager To Learn English


When Ma Yun was young, beause he could speaks fluent English,he is assigned to America to inspect it , It is because of this texploratory trip, he contact with Internet, then, he built Alibaba. He can directly engage with world leaders, bypassing the translator and he promote alibaba in English around the world.

Liu Qiangdong, CEO of JingDong, is started to learn English after the successful start of his business. And though it didn’t particulary for him, but he could express himself in English.

Learning foreign languages is the most time-consuming and grinding for most people, time is more valuable for boss, but why do they study English so hard?

In a word, it is difficult for a beginners to learn a foreign language, but master it will equip you for life. Suffer for a while, happy life, the saying goes.

I’m a beginner, and practicing writing articles in English, If you see any mistakes or have any comments please leave a message. I would appreciate that.

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